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Laguna Niguel How to Know When Its Time for a Heat Pump Repair | Ocean Air Conditioning and Heating

When it’s cold in Laguna Niguel you count on your heat pump to keep you comfortable. If it’s been too long since your system had maintenance, you might have a heat pump repair visit in your future. Once a year maintenance service from certified technicians can keep your system running efficiently and find potential problem areas before they get worse. Between service visits, make sure to keep an eye out for cues that indicate repair is necessary. Here are some of the most familiar symptoms:

1. Your blower doesn’t seem to be operating the way it used to. Is it running for enough time? Is it running constantly? Does the air flow seem faint? These symptoms could point to a slight problem with your air filter or the indoor blower.

2. Your heat pump is stuck in heating mode or cooling mode. When it’s too hot outside, your heat pump lowers the temperature in your home by passing refrigerant through the indoor evaporator coil. When it’s cold out, heat pumps shift the process and passes refrigerant to the outside of the evaporator coil. If you can’t get your system to convert modes, it may be time to contact a professional to find out why.

3. Your heat pump isn’t cycling how it regularly does. Your heat pump could be overheating if it is cycling on and off too often. This might indicate a simple problem. Your thermostat could need to be recalibrated or a clogged filter needs to be swapped out. It may also indicate a breakdown in your thermostat or blower.

4. Your home is not being heated or cooled consistently. Are your registers all open and unobstructed? If they are and the problem endures, contact a pro to see why your system is malfunctioning or out of balance.

5. Your heat pump is noisy. If your heat pump begin running loudly or making noises you’re not familiar with, there could be an issue.

You’ll know when you need to schedule heat pump repair now that you’re aware of these common symptoms. The team at Ocean Air Conditioning and Heating will be there when you need us. Call us at [[phonenumber]] or use our online scheduler to make an appointment. 
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