Technician shaking hands with homeowner by equipment


Some things – such as your home, your vehicles and your health – are worth paying special attention to. What about your HVAC system? Keeping your heating and cooling equipment in top shape will save you headaches, hassles and money by decreasing the need for emergency repairs.

Regular maintenance will help your home stay comfortable all year and give you peace of mind that your AC, furnace or other HVAC system will run smoothly exactly when you need them to. Regular servicing will also help your system last longer and operate more efficiently so you can save as much energy as possible. It can even prevent breakdowns or identify problems early on, which helps you avoid more costly service calls down the road.

We send out postcard reminders to help you remember to schedule the care of your HVAC system. We can even put you on our call list to schedule your maintenance visits every year. At these visits, our experts will go through a checklist of inspections and tests to make sure your system is working the best it can.

If you find your system is not working properly, we have technicians that can properly diagnose & do the repairs necessary. Our techs are highly trained and do not work on commission, so you will not be sold unnecessary parts.

At Ocean Air Conditioning, we perform HVAC maintenance and service for the South Orange County area. To schedule, give us a call at 949-582-0700 or use our online scheduler to make an appointment with one of our representatives.